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General registration is now open for StokerCon 2024. Guests of Honor include Jonathan Maberry, Paula Guran, and Paul Tremblay with more to be announced soon. 
In-Person Attendance  –  $300

Virtual Attendance  –  $75

Virtual programming includes both on-demand panels, presentations, and author readings plus panels live-streamed from San Diego. Hopin adjusts for time zones, so times displayed in Hopin may not match those listed on the master programming schedule for the in-person event.


Registrants for virtual programming will be sent a survey where they can indicate if they'd like to participate in virtual panels or author readings, but these ideas must be submitted before the end of April.

•  Virtual Only—$75

•  Virtual Only with Souvenir Anthology—$100

•  Virtual Only with Souvenir Anthology (International Shipping)—$125.00

Combination Virtual & In-Person Attendance (aka a "Hybrid" Ticket)


•  Virtual Add-On to In-Person Registration (Hybrid Ticket)—$40


Below events are not included in the primary registration and must be purchased separately. These events are not yet available for purchase.:

Librarian's Day

Please note that as opposed to previous years, lunch will NOT be provided with Librarian's Day this year. Librarian’s Day Only.

•  Launch through May 29th —$60


Banquet Tickets

•  Regular Banquet Ticket—$100

•  Nominee Banquet Ticket—$85


Breakfast with the Guests of Honor and Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

(Limited to 100 tickets)

•  Regular Breakfast Ticket—$75

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