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All About the Pitch Sessions


Once again, StokerCon® will offer an opportunity for attendees to pitch their projects directly to publishers, editors, and agents!

What Is a Pitch?

A pitch is a concise, engaging description of your project meant to pique the interest of the person to whom you are pitching your story. Make your pitch short—two or three sentences at most—and be prepared to answer questions.

What Should I Pitch?

Pitch finished projects. Do not pitch ideas. Make sure your work is error-free and ready to submit. If someone shows interest in your work, they will ask you to submit it once StokerCon has ended. 

To Whom Should I Pitch?

Choose pitch takers who actually represent your project. If you’ve written a Young Adult Horror novel, make sure the person/people to whom you want to pitch represent/publish YA Horror. This is a critical part of the pitch process—do your homework before you decide to whom you wish to pitch. You have one shot with this person. Make sure it counts.


How Do Pitch Sessions Work?

There are a limited number of pitch sessions for each publisher, editor, or agent assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, in the order the requests are received. When you preregister for a pitch session, list up to three of your preferred pitch takers. This helps your chances to get at least one of your favored choices.


How To Register For A Pitch Session

Pitch Session requests will open to registered attendees on Monday, April 29th at Noon Eastern/9 am Pacific and close on Sunday, May 5th at Noon Eastern/9 am Pacific. Please email with your top three choices. In the Subject Line, put STOKERCON 2024 PITCH SESSION. Any pitch requests received before the date and time listed above will be discarded, as will any received after the closing time. You will be notified by email the names and times of the persons to whom you will pitch. You should receive this notification no later than May 13th.


Please note we receive roughly forty pitch requests in the first five seconds of the open registration period. If you only list one person to whom you would like to pitch, you may not get any pitches.


Pitch Sessions will be held on Saturday, June 1st, from Noon until 2 pm, in the Rio Vista Ballroom. Please arrive fifteen minutes before your pitch is scheduled to start, in case we are running ahead of schedule.


Pitch Session Panel

We will hold a pitch session panel on Saturday, June 1st, (room and time to be determined). Anyone pitching is strongly urged to attend this panel. You will be able to ask questions, and gain important information from the panelists.


Taking Pitches

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