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Live at the Con Hotel: USE SCHED


StokerCon uses the Sched application -- -- to share the entire program live with registered members of the convention. This has the benefit of centralizing information, allowing you to plan ahead, while also providing all live updates available in a timely way right on your cell phone or online. It is recommended that you update your personal profile on the sched app, and make it public, especially if you are participating on any programming. We are fully electronic: Printed programs will not be available at the conference. For convenience, we are listing the tentative con program schedule in advance below, but please remember to install the app on your mobile phone and to check Sched regularly for any time/room changes during the conference. [Tip: sign up for notifications!]

Online for the Virtual Track: USE HOPIN

StokerCon is a "hybrid" convention, offering online-only, pre-recorded and livestreamed events that require a separate registration (or add-on ticket)

The VIRTUAL track of StokerCon is not attached to the Sched app. It will be accessible via a platform called Hopin once the con begins. Those who purchase virtual tickets will have access to the recorded programming for an extended period after the conference ends, as well, giving more time to fully explore the readings and panels, as well as giving those who have tickets to the live event ample time to enjoy the virtual one once they return home. 

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