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Parallel Lines
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Mass Author Signing

The Mass Author Signing will take place in the Admiral room, Friday, June 16.

There will be two shifts of authors on hand to sign books. One from 5:00-6:00pm, and another from 6:15-7:15pm.

[Note: Writers who requested to participate on the programming survey form are reserved and there is unfortunately no more space to add others at this point.  Also, if you are an author bringing books to the signing, you are solely responsible for tracking any sales and paying any applicable local, state, and federal taxes. The Horror Writers Association does not offer tax or legal advice. All responsibility falls on the individual seller to comply with all laws and regulations.]


FRIDAY 5:00-6:00pm


Guests of Honor

Cynthia Pelayo

Owl Goingback

Daniel Kraus

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner


Elizabeth Massie



Meghan Arcuri

Aaron Dries

Ai Jiang

Ally Malinenko

EV Knight

Andrew F. Sullivan

Ally Wilkes

Brian Matthews

Tom Deady

Brian McAuley

Bridget D. Brave

Christi Nogle

Willow Becker

Clay McLeod Chapman

Paula D. Ashe

Cody Langille

Donna J. W. Munro

David Lucarelli

Danger Slater

Douglas Ford

Eric J. Guignard          

Gwendolyn Kiste

Katherine Kerestman

Gemma Amor

Hailey Piper

Gordon B. White

Erika T. Wurth

James Aquilone

Brandon McNulty        

Jason A. Wyckoff

Jessi Ann York

Joe Scipione

Eric LaRocca

K.P. Kulski

Rena Mason

KC Grifant

John F.D. Taff

Lisa Kröger

Melanie R. Anderson

Marc L. Abbott

Mark Matthews

Maxwell Gold

Linda D. Addison

Nat Cassidy

Zoje Stage

Nicole Cushing

NJ Gallegos

Patrick Barb

J.A.W. McCarthy

Paul Lubaczewski

Clare Castleberry         

Rhonda Jackson Garcia

Michelle Renee Lane   

Rami Ungar

Rebecca Cuthbert

Richard Dansky

Rick Claypool

Robert P. Ottone

Scott Edelman

Sephera Giron

Sheldon Higdon

Sonora Taylor

Stephen Kozeniewski

Tim McGregor

Tim Waggoner

JG Faherty

Vaughn A. Jackson

Wesley Southard

A.C. Wise

Amanda Headlee



FRIDAY 6:15-7:15pm


Guests of Honor

Alma Katsu

Jewelle Gomez

Wrath James White



John Edward Lawson

Zachary Rosenberg

Barbara Barnett

Anton Cancre

Bil Richardson

Brandon Ketchum

Bridgett Nelson

Christa Carmen

Brad Hodson,

Christopher Hawkins

John Kachuba

Corey Niles

Lee Allen Howard

Carol Gyzander

Timothy G. Huguenin

Denise Tapscott

Dianna Sinovic

Dutch Pearce

Edward Flora

Ellen Datlow

Francesca Maria 

Garrett Cook

Kenneth W. Cain

JL Gribble

Sally Bosco

Jaye Wells

Scott A. Johnson

Jeff Strand

James Chambers

Joe Radkins

Michael Potts

John Palisano

Todd Keisling

Kathleen Scheiner

Brad Center

Ken MacGregor

Colleen Anderson

Lisa D. Kastner

M. Lopes da Silva

Michael Allen Rose

Charlene Elsby

Michael Bailey

Michael Cieslak

Holley Cornetto

Nelson Pyles

Mike Allen

Nick Cutter

Pamela K. Kinney

Patrick Freivald

Rae Knowles

Rebecca Rowland

Richard Thomas

S.A. Bradley

Jared Vickery

Jacob Moon

Stephanie Feldman

Sarah Hans

Steven Van Patten

Dacia M. Arnold

Sumiko Saulson

Tamika Thompson

Teel James Glenn

Thom Erb

Tommy B. Smith

Vanessa Lanang

Gabino Iglesias

Darcy Coates

Catriona Ward

CJ Leede

Rebekah Webb

P.L. McMillan

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